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Femsa Strategic Business is formed by AlPunto, a group of companies focused on providing developments in equipment,  material handling and comprehensive services at point of sale. At the same time, it is composed of:

Imbera: World leader in the commercial refrigeration industry, since 1941 dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of equipment for the food and beverage industry.

Torrey: Company dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for processing, weighing and food preservation with more than 50 years of experience.

PTM: Solutions and plastic transformation projects tailored to each client, attending industries such as: automotive, material handling, and food and beverages.

Cooking Depot: More than 50 years offering continuous service innovation and meeting the needs of equipment and accessories for points of sale and consumption centers in the Foodservice industry

REPARE:comprehensive maintenance service, and sale of parts and spare parts for food and beverage equipment.  It serves about 1.5 million chillers and provides more than 100,000 services per month at the continental level

Our Companies

Our Companies


The quality of life is the most important asset of the company. While people work to meet economic needs,  their aspirations for realization and personal development are not minor.                           

The good work environment is the first challenge of a company with a vocation for sustainability, since the real form of development is always from the inside out. To achieve this it is necessary to have a good work environment, emotional health, family and social well-being.


When we talk about culture, we refer to a series of behaviors, styles and values rooted and shared by a group of people.

In AlPunto each of us participates in the creation of our culture as an organization, since we are the ones who give life to the company with our daily work and our interaction with colleagues,  clients and suppliers. That is why it is important that we all know and live the values that define us and guide us on the path to our vision

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to generate social value and in the different industries in which we participate, through innovative products and services that guarantee the highest return on our clients' assets.

Our vision is to be the best manufacturer and marketer of equipment to market food and beverages, as well as plastic products for the handling of materials in America and thereby double the value of the business every 5 years.